About Us

We have specialised in preparing children for 11+ tests since 2001.  Since then - we conservatively estimate - we have helped well over 2,000 children into grammar schools.

Yet the benefits to children extend far beyond selection tests, as encapsulated in Sir Tailor’s very personal, deeply held vision:

To empower people by enhancing their love of and skills in learning and reasoning.

This unique vision and the philosophy it engenders are a constant guide in an ever-changing world of education. This vision appeals to the noblest motives:

It is what we want for our own children, so it inspires us and informs the way we work.

We believe that preparing for the 11+ tests and then doing the 11+ tests should be experiences that leave the children better prepared for subsequent education and for life, regardless of the scores achieved in the 11+ tests.

In order to allow us to prioritise education over money, Sir Tailor is not run for profit.

We provide a Money-Back Guarantee (terms apply) with our flagship classroom-based 11+ Course.  We are not aware of any other 11+ Course that is effective enough to warrant a guarantee.