What Our Customers Say

Dear Sir Tailor,

Your passion for teaching and nurturing young minds is truly inspiring, and we are grateful for all that you have done for our daughter.

Many thanks for training our brains as parents too.

A & M (parents of A S)

A & M S  

Dear Sir Tailor,

Hope you are doing well!

My son V scored 109 in the Berkshire 11+ test and we had appealed to St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School based on his academic ability. We are pleased to let you know that our appeal was successful and he’s been offered a place at that school starting this September.

We thank you for the huge support that you gave us throughout the course; V often mentions that he became smart just because of you and feels very proud to have been taught by you.

Our friends have also joined your 11+ Course this year, based on our recommendation, and they are also benefitting from your teaching.

Kind regards, V M

Mrs V M  

Good Morning Sir,

Hope you are doing well.  Thank you very much for the Creative Writing workshop. My daughter A enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Honestly, as a parent it was very insightful the way you explained the areas to be improved. The minute details like ‘graciously’ versus ‘gracefully’ really helped us understand how meticulous we have to be in using language. We will definitely work on your recommendations and will try to minimise our gaps.

Once again thank you very much for your support. 

Kind Regards, 


Mrs G K  


Z H has been offered a  place at Kendrick School for which we have applied.

Special thanks to Sir Tailor.


Mrs H  

Dear Sir Tailor and team,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mrs X for her patience and kindness to N throughout the course. I believe N's first comment to her was "I don't want to be here, my mother is making me do this". We truly appreciated her feedback and encouragement she gave her to always do her best.

Sir Tailor, I was attracted to your course because of the growth mindset model. The first meeting I attended and you spoke about why rides have height restrictions confirmed to me we had made the right choice. My husband was sceptical initially but we both agree (and we don't agree on much) that N and us have grown in the last year. Her vocabulary has grown so much, it is impressive and whilst she is not yet running to pick a book up to read, she is much more willing and actually gets a dictionary to look up meaning of new words. She has a more can do attitude. At the end of the course her comments were "it actually wasn't as bad as I thought" and "I could do more things in class because I learnt it from Sir Tailor"

Again our sincere thanks and gratitude and hopefully we would be back in the not to distance future for her younger brother. 

K & A 

Mr and Mrs J  

Dear Sir Tailor & team,

I am taking this opportunity to let you know that T has secured a place in Upton Court Grammar School. Today was her first day of school and we all are very proud of her.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for putting all those hours of teaching, guidance and support over the last couple of years.

Best regards, N P

Mr N P  

Dear Sir Tailor 

Thank you for all your support, for caring so deeply about our child's well-being and success.  Regardless of the outcome of the 11+ tests, my son will have benefitted tremendously with the 2 years of learning done under your care.  And not just learning but also good habits, a growth mindset, and study routines.  I have honestly felt that you have planned the entire course with extreme care and diligence. I am very thankful we had the opportunity to put him through your course.

I would not recommend the 11+ exams for everyone, but I recommend without hesitation your Foundation Course and 11+ Course.


Mrs T C  

Dear Mr Tailor,

Just to let you know that my daughter R has managed to get into Tiffin Girls' School after being on the waiting list for some time. She had secured St. Bernard's on National Offers day.

Thank you for all your help.


Mr K D  

Thank you for confirming receipt of my payment. 

Please also tell Sir Tailor it was great knowing someone like him. I actually understood Maths and English better and wish I had a teacher like him when I was young. 

Wishing you all the very best and thank-you for doing such a great job. 

God bless.

Mrs N P  

Can’t say highly enough of the enthusiasm and professionalism of Mr Sir Tailor and his team! The mentoring and coaching to both parents and kids throughout the course (even though we only had the last 8 sessions) are truly inspirational and beneficial, and it’s not only for the 11 plus exam, but for the whole learning journey in life. Once again, my heartfelt gratitude to you, Mr Sir Tailor.

S L  

A huge thanks to Mr Tailor and his dedicated team of Learning Coaches for taking away the hype and drama surrounding 11plus and instead focusing on learning, growth and development. Mr Tailor's insistence on a daily diet of rich and varied reading as the single most powerful method of preparation may appear old-fashioned but his advice is worth its weight in gold. For anyone who thinks 11plus preparation needs to be long, dreary, stressful and spending hours in a room face-to-face with a tutor, we found Mr Tailor's zoom lessons hugely effective because of how robust his study materials are and how efficient (and friendly!) his back-end team is, in ensuring all the material reaches the child well in advance. We have used his video lessons again and again to revise concepts. As parents, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when one is too narrowly focused on scores, results and outcomes and this is where we found his education webinars for parents particularly useful to regain perspective. I have personally benefitted from a long one-one session with Mr Tailor who happily devoted more than an hour of his personal time to coach, guide and reassure me - not to mention the long hours he spent with the children preparing for exams over the summer.
Signing up to Mr Tailor's classes is undoubtedly the best investment we made in A's learning and growth: their commitment to your child is real, genuine and is to be experienced to be believed.

Mrs S V  

We would like to wholeheartedly thank you for the guidance and support you have provided us over the past year or so. The program, in our opinion, really works. Please also pass our sincerest gratitude to Mr K who tutored N for most part of the course. Regardless of whether she qualifies for any of these schools, we can confidently say she has learned a lot.
Thanks, J

Mr J V  

Good morning Sir Tailor;  R got a place offered at Herschel Grammar School today. I would like to thank to Sir Tailor and his team. We were bit late to join Sir Tailor classes but 6 or 7 months hard work of R and Sir Tailor’s support helped R to pass 11 plus exam.  Many Thanks 🙏    K G

K G  

Hello Mr. Tailor: I hope you are well. I am sure today must have been a busy day with catching up on all the offers of all your pupils.

I am happy to report that A has secured an offer from Colchester County High School for Girls (2nd on CAF). Although she was hoping for this school I had put Wallington High School for Girls as first choice on the CAF to hedge our bets as I thought she may have a better chance there. We don't have an offer from Wallington yet, which has worked in her favour.

A and I want to place on record our unqualified gratitude to both Mrs. N and you. A would not have achieved the result she has without the support and guidance from both of you and I for sure would not have known where to start the whole process and how to go about it!

Thank you to all the lovely people at your establishment as well who were really patient with me and made the journey that much easier.

Thank you once again, Mr. Tailor!

Ms N  

S'ir Tailor is one of the best tuitions by a very wide margin!
Our personal experience has been amazing and our child is definitely taking away life lessons on top of honing her academic skills.
The classes and the exam oriented revisions are laser-focussed with a lot of feedback at all times.
The admin team has also been wonderful and helped us along the way.

R I  

Dear Sir; I hope you are well.

I am very pleased to let you know that A has been offered a place in Tiffin Girls' School for Year 7.
This was our (and A's) first choice. We are all very excited and looking forward to receiving more information from the school after the Easter break.

We wanted to write in to thank you Sir and your team, for guiding, coaching and providing A possibly the best start in her life/career. 

A always fondly remembers (and am sure will always do) your candour, teaching technique and style, and your invaluable encouragement that spurred her on to recognise that she can work harder and that has definitely laid the stepping stones for her success. 

We are collectively, very grateful.  Thank you.

Best regards,
J, A & R

Mr R I and Mrs J I, and A  

When we moved to the UK two years ago, we had no idea about grammar schools and 11+ exams! Sir Tailor was our guide during the 11+ preparation period and we just admired Mr Tailor's approach. We found our way with him and it brought success. All our hard work as a team (student+parent+Sir Tailor) has paid off and my DS and my DD have been offered places at our choice of first preferences. Sir Tailor himself is incredibly passionate about learning and I am extremely pleased that I have found this company and that my DS and DD had this support during this journey. I would definitely recommend it!

Wish you all the best! S, O, K and S

S, O, K and S  

Hi Sir Tailor; hope you are well.

I just wanted to inform you that K and S have been offered at their first preference schools.
S got Non-Such High School for Girls and K got Wilson's School. We are so pleased!
Thank you again for your support and wish you all the best! 


Mr O C and Mrs S C  

Dear Sir Tailor, 

Hope this mail finds you in good health. 

A TA, your student, got into SJB, the school we intended him to join. He secured high marks, offer letter attached (a screen shot of :)  

Must thank you for your support and encouragement.

I shall recommend you to any and everyone who desires for a place in the 11plus.

Warm regards, L

L T  

Dear Mr Tailor 

I wanted to say a big thank you for the zoom call me and my daughter had on Tuesday. It was such an enlightening  experience for both of us. You made the poem so easy for her and not just that you left her so motivated and instilled an interest for her course work. 

It was amazing to see how her approach changed when it came to comprehension. She did her next comprehension in the S&S comprehension book yesterday and  I was quite surprised to see how well she did. She didn't lose interest and came up with a lot more precise answers. 

You instill in your students a love for learning and help them to become independent learners.  Regards, A K (mother of A S)

Mrs A K  

Dear Sir Tailor,

Hope this mail finds you in good health.

A T, your student, got into SJB School, the school we intended him to join. 
He secured high marks, offer letter attached (a screen shot of :) ).
Must thank you for your support and encouragement.

I shall recommend you to any and everyone who desires for a place in the 11 plus.

Warm regards, L

Ms L T  

Good Afternoon,

Hope you are well.  Just wanted to let you know that my daughter, who took 11+ tuitions with you last year, passed her Slough Consortium exam with a score of 111.  She has been offered a place at St Bernard's for Sep 2021 that we have accepted.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your team for coaching my daughter and for helping us keeping positive, in the right mindset, and doing what's right for our child throughout the process.

All the best to you all for the coming years and we will be in touch when it's time for our younger one's turn.

Happy 2021.

Kind Regards, Mrs S B

Mrs S B  

Dear Sir Tailor and Team,  

We are very pleased to say that our daughter A has secured a place in Herschel Grammar School. Her scores were as below:

A’s Slough Score - 117. Eligibility Score - 111
A’s Bucks Score - 151. Eligibility Score - 121

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable inputs throughout the course. ‘Growth Mindset’ and ‘Chimp Paradox’ were to name a few for learning purposes. Given the pandemic, the transition to home learning was very smooth. We sincerely appreciate all your efforts in supporting us throughout the 11 plus journey. The guidance on CAF was really helpful in making the correct preferences of schools. On behalf of our daughter, we thank you very much again. We definitely would recommend S’ir Tailor  to our friends and family for 11 plus. We wish your expertise helps a lot more parents and aspiring children. 

Best Regards,
Mr and Mrs B. 

Mr and Mrs B  

Dear Mr Tailor

Thank you so much for your help with J, making time to take my questions patiently and so many sessions helping parents to manoeuver the 11+ ocean.

The staff were extremely friendly and in the unprecedented circumstances, the team were able to conduct sessions online and face-to-face. For the latter, we felt at ease as strict social distancing measures were practiced by you and your team.

The CAF results are out and J has been offered Tiffins, our 1st choice, which we accepted.
He has also been offered Hamptons, with a 10% scholarship, and RGS, which we will decline.
Please could you also share the news with Ms A, who was J's coach and a well-wisher.

Best wishes

A and B

Mr A M and Mrs B M  

Hi Sir Tailor,

I am glad to inform you that A M has got her admission confirmed for the Tiffins Girls School.

Thanks, A M

Mr A M  


This is a quick update to inform you that my daughter A  R has been offered a place in Tiffin Girls School (our first choice).

Thank you for all your teams efforts in helping her get there. A very special Thank you to her Learning Coach for her efforts.

Kind Regards, A R

Mr A R  

Thank you for your email and the holiday pack too. Lots of interesting stuff not only for N but for me too. I may be possibly the only parent who enjoys doing the books and coursework with my kids.

Thank you again, it's a course certainly the best I have ever come across, it somehow unlocks the kids minds in a fantastic way. 

Regards, G

Mrs G A  

Morning; I have received the holiday pack for my daughter; thank you very much. Started to use as was instructed we appreciate what you have done looking forward for her to get started on the learning journey with Sir Tailor and the brilliant staff.

Mr J B  

Dear Sir,

The session held by you over the weekend was very informative and useful indeed. The timely prompts from you regards key timelines and the sessions held on preparations have always been encouraging.

Many thanks for your email and the information shared with us. This is extremely helpful. 

Kind Regards, V

Mrs V & Mr S I  


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr Tailor for dedicating his time to enlighten all the parents whose children are on the 11+ course.

This Zoom briefing was a great platform and a learning experience for the parents to seek clarity on various myths prevailing about 11+ tests. S'ir Tailor Master Tutor provides a truly child-centric course and is really interested in the welfare of its students. In this stressful time of COVID, it is making every possible effort to ensure that its students are not deprived of any resources or their learning towards their 11+ test preparation.

Many thanks for clarifying my doubts, which got answered by the Q&A session. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who thinks about their child welfare and is not swayed by the other hyped courses.

Thanks & regards, R

Mrs R L  

Dear Mr Tailor,

Thank you for the 'Briefing For 11+ Parents' webinar on Sunday. It was very informative and useful, especially the Q&A -  you have a lot of patience! Your method of teaching is very effective and your course structure includes welcome opportunities for my son to revise.  Thank you again.


Mr T S  

Hi Sir Tailor

It was very nice to talk to you and listen to all parents' questions and your answers.  We noted down everything.  We are thankful to you and your staff for their continued support to us. My son, S, has improved a lot and is focusing on 11 plus; we can see very positive changes in him every day, inside and outwardly. Please mention our special thanks to his tutor, Miss S, too.

Thanks for your support and help.

M & R

Mr and Mrs M  

Dear Mr. Tailor

Thank you for providing an insight into the forthcoming presentation.  I would like to share my view so far.

I attended your presentation at the Marriott last year and asked many questions. I made a mental note of the hands-on approach you had.  I knew it would be great for A however was slightly concerned about her personality as she was a shy child. 

She is now a changed Child!!!

She has thrived on the course with Ms A on Saturday mornings. When I saw her interacting during the Zoom lessons, I could not believe it was the same child!

A has never moaned or complained about the course.  She has taken everything given to her in her stride. ( I have also improved my maths watching the videos with her).

A works better in smaller numbers, this course has just been the one for A.  We are so very grateful for all you and your staff do. Whether she passes is another story but all she can do now is work to her best ability.

May I take this opportunity to thank you once again. 

Mr & Mrs R.

Mr and Mrs R  

Dear Sir, 

I would like to let you know that S has secured a place in the Tiffin School. Thanks for all your effort, support and motivation.


B J 

Dr B J  


Just to inform you that my daughter, R O has been offered a place at Tiffin Girls School which is our first choice.

I want to thank you for everything that you taught my children, N who is already at Tiffin Boys ( year 8) and now my daughter R joining Tiffin Girls School. Thank you for all the guidance.

kind regards, W

Mrs W M  

Dear S’ir Tailor,

Please find attached Imran’s 11 plus results letters.  His results were as follows:

Bucks score = 149, pass mark = 121

Slough score = 120, pass mark = 111

Reading score = 112.77, pass mark 108

We are therefore very pleased with the results and would like to thank you for all your help and support. We are always happy to recommend your course.

Wishing you every success for the future.

Yours Sincerely,

K, N & I G

Mr K G & Mrs N G  


I am ecstatic to confirm that R L passed both 11+ exams!

Would you please be able to let Mrs Adeel know and thank her SO very very much for all her help with R and also her empathy with parents

Could you also thank Mr S Tailor, I attended his informative talk and it was very useful and I identified very much with my Chimp activities.  I would like to thank him for his honesty and commitment and for his personal support to the children it was invaluable.

Thanks again both of my children passed both their Berks and Bucks 11+ with your tuition and are going to their dream school.  I can’t thank you enough.  I also really appreciate the flexibility of the staff in accommodating any changes to sessions for weddings etc.

On a personal level of course I will let any friends know of your tuition classes.

Kind Regards
S E 

Mrs S E  

Hi. My daughter M U achieved a score of 129 in Berkshire and as we had shared our results with Kendrick , her score for Kendrick 122.58.M’s result for Buckinghamshire was 147. Thankyou so much for all the support and guidance and the mocks really helped her build her confidence. Regards, N. 
Sent from my iPhone

Mrs N U  

Dear Mr Tailor, 

Please find attached the results letter for the Slough 11+ entrance test, for S P.

S will be going to Burnham Grammar as my daughter currently attends the school in year 8, Burnhams school admissions policy is to take siblings as a priority, also confirmed by the headmaster 2 days ago. I will also mention some of the other Bucks grammar school in the CAF form. 

I would like to thank you and your team for dedication and efforts given to S and all of the children, I shall definitely be recommending Sir Tailor 11+ tuitions to future children of my friends and family.

Kind Regards,

R P and M P

Mr RP & Mr M P  

Hello Sir Tailor,

Thanks a lot for all your support and also Mrs Adeel’s support.

N has passed all her exams.

CEM- score is 128
GL- score is 145

We (me, N and her dad) loved your structure of teaching a lot, we do highly recommend you to our friends and family’s.

Thanks again.

Please let Mrs Adeel know N’s  scores.

Best Regards, S Z A

Mrs S Z A  


Thank you so much for your help and support. Thank you to Mr Tailor and Mrs Shikari for your help and support. 

S has passed all of her exam and we are overwhelmed by it. 

It was our perfect choice to come to you to prepare my daughter for her exam.  Your materials abs technique are designed in such a balanced way that it worked perfect fir my daughter. She did not have to miss her extra activities. 

Thank you.  Really appreciate all your help and support. 

I particularly admire Mr Tailor's approach during the creative writing session that S attended in July 2019. All the feedback was extremely helpful and encouraged S.  I found it very very helpful. You took so much of your time to support children and benefit the most from your lesson. I was extremely impressed by your approach. 

Your feedback was just so honest and useful that I cannot describe it enough. 

Mrs S S  

Hello Mr Tailor. Hope you and all your teams are doing well. It gives me great happiness to share with you that my daughter A R, who attended your tuitions at Slough Copthorne (Saturday am), has passed both 11+ exams for Slough and Bucks consortium with a standardised score of 122 and 138 respectively. I also registered her for Kendrick Girls and she achieved a score of 115 with them. I am attaching a scanned copy of her results as requested by you in your email for the Result reward.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Veer for all her efforts in continuously supporting, motivating and guiding A to put her best foot forward for the 11+ tests . We would be very grateful if you could pass on our heartfelt thanks and kind regards to her for everything she has done for our A.

Mrs S P  

Good evening,

We thank you for helping our daughters to realise their potential and to work their little socks off. We are pleased to inform you that all your hard work has paid off; J. and P. have been selected for admission into Upton Court Grammar School.

We have recommended you to their current school as we are extremely grateful towards all at Sir Tailor. We are very pleased with them and their amazing results that astounded us all.

Kind Regards and a final thanks,

J., P & the B. family      

The B. family  

Good Evening Mr Tailor,

This is T and H, K’s parents. K attended your tuitions in 2015/2016 (Foundation Course) and 2016/2017 (11+ Course).

We are delighted to inform you that K was awarded her 2nd choice of schools, Upton Court Grammar School.

K is doing extremely well at school and has settled in very well.

We would like to thank all the teachers and assistants at Sir Tailor who helped K achieve such high standards and helped her grow into a confident young lady! Please pass our regards especially to Mr R (Foundation Course) and Miss A (11+ Course).

We will carry on recommending Sir Tailor tuitions to our friends and family.

Best Regards,

T & H A

Mr T & Mrs H A  

Dear Mr Tailor

We are happy to share that R. K. has been offered a place at our choice of first preference - Tiffin Boys School. Thank you very much for your help and support throughout the course.

The booster sessions in Oct half term were definitely a bonus.


S. K.

Mr S. K.  

Dear S Tailor,

I hope you are doing well.

M. A. has been offered a place at Tiffin.

He asked me to write to you and say thank you on his behalf.

Thank you for all your help and efforts.

Kind Regards
M., T. & M. A.

Mr M K  

Dear Sir

Happy to inform that S. M. got into her first choice school Tiffin's girls school.

Thank you for all the support she received.


C. M.

Mr C. M.  

Good morning,

For your information, A. P. has been offered a place in the grammer school at Upton Court.

We would like to thank the entire team for providing a great course 11plus. We would not hesitate to recommend this course to our friends and family.

Mr B. P.  

Good morning Sir

I wanted to take a moment to write on behalf of N.  K. who was in last year's 11+ group. 

With the amazing help and guidance he received, he passed all his 11+ tests including Tiffin School with a score of 109. He has been offered admission at Herschel Grammar, as that was at a higher preference on my CAF.

I just wanted to wish you and all the teachers continued success in changing the lives of our children. Many did not make it but parents I know mention how their son or daughter grew in that one year and has been a real boost to their education.

Thank you again for helping our son!

Mrs K. K.

(N. K.'s mum)

Mrs K. K.  

Dear Sir Tailor

I am glad to inform you that my son R. M. has been offered a place at Tiffin School. We are extremely thankful for your guidance and encouragement given to him.

Also, I would like to appreciate  Mrs. X for her clear teaching and training provided.

M. B.

Mr M. B.  

Dear Sirs
Ref: Animesh Datta

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the above named pupil who took his tuition at Heston Community School did exceptionally well in grammar school exams. I am pleased to report that my Animesh acquitted himself exceptionally well having met the entry requirements for all 5 schools consortium he applied for plus Queen Elizabeth School in Barnet (totalling over 30 grammar schools). I know the hours he was put into his studies, the Saturday afternoons he gave up in order to prepare and the evenings spent sitting practice papers. 

I would like to thank Sir Taylor for their professional and expert tuition. It was indeed very thorough, disciplined and well organised teaching and learning experience at every stage. We strongly feel that due to your strong tuition and all other support he did very well. Furthermore, In Bexley consortium Animesh is also one of the top 180, who scored 247 and above.  This means that Animesh is guaranteed a place in in our preferred grammar school in Bexley.(5685 children sat the test).

Kind regards,

Bonya Chakraborty  

Hi S'ir Tailor
Just to let you know both Kinjal and Karina have been offered their first choice at Tiffins girls school. Kaushik and I would like to thank you for all your help on the Tiffins booster classes.
Kind Regards
Sandy and Kaushik.

Sandy and Kaushik  

Dear Sir Tailor,

I am pleased to inform that Avi has been offered a place in Tiffin.

Both me and Aarti would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all Sir Tailor staff for all the support and guidance to Avi in his 11+ preparations.

Wish you all the best.



Mr & Mrs Jain  

Dear S'ir Tailor

Thank you so much for the help and support you have given my daughter Charlotte Wesson - Hogarth over the past year.

The help and advice clearly paid off, especially the last few weeks at Lampton School on Friday evenings, with her scores.

We are delighted and look forward to Charlotte attending the Grammar of her choice.

Amanda Hogarth  

Dear S'ir Tailor

We have accepted the offer of Tiffin School Via CAF for Rajvir. I wish to give my special thanks to my son's tutor (Mr M) at sir tailor's and all the team. He also passed his slough consortium exam. But even more than that, his performance at school has become to an outstanding one since he joined your tuition. He has become totally dedicated to his studies. I can recommend Sir Tailor's tuition to anyone who want their children to excel at school and 11 plus exam.


Dear Sir (Mr. M my tutor) and all of sir tailor's team. I wish to thank you for helping me pass my grammar school exams. I loved the method my teacher used to teach us. I improved immensely from the day I started to the day I took my exam. All the teachers and their assistants were friendly I will go to Tiffin school in September.


Ranjeet Nagra  

I would like to inform you that Sachin Sarin got admission in QE Boys and has now started school.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support and guidance provided during his coaching. We appreciate your efforts for helping Sachin achieve the school he dreamed of.

Pooja Sarin  

Good morning Mr Tailor,
Thank you so much for your guidence on this crucial time.
I was very impressed with Sir Tailor's teaching videos and teaching techniques.
Devashish's both results proved Sir Tailor's preparation is the best one.
I will highly recommend Sir Tailor's 11+ course to my friends and others.

Ramesh Kambang  

Dear S'ir Tailor
We are very pleased with both of our daughters' achievements, having completed your course. On both occasions (three years apart), we have found your course to have been  brilliantly organised and structured and highly informative for both, the children and us, parents.  It has boosted our daughters' confidence and helped develop very useful study skills, which continue to be of benefit, as we have seen with our eldest daughter (currently at Langley Grammar School).It became very apparent, when our younger daughter commenced the course, that the course's effectiveness is continuously being improved, even before changes to the Slough Consortium 11+ were announced.  Especially this year, with the changes having taken place, being kept continuously updated helped ease pressure and enabled us to focus on supporting our daughter.  As the expectations are very different, with the CEM test, there was a lot of uncertainty.  However, the course was very responsive to change and once again, successfully delivered and confirmed my belief that it  really is 'second to none'!
The kindness and support shown throughout the course, by our daughters' Learning Coaches, yourself and all of your team, is much appreciated.  We will most definitely continue to recommend your course to other parents.
Many thanks once again.
Kindest regards
Mr and Mrs Bains

Mr and Mrs Bains  

Dear Sir Tailor and Mrs Gangal
With pleasure we would like to let you know that our daughter Riya Shahi has been offered a place at Henrietta Barnett which was our first and in fact only preference for Riya (as we live in Harrow with very limited options).
We would like to thank you for your all help and support throughout last year to help make this happen.
Riya extends a special to Mrs Gangal :)

Have a good weekend

Best regards

Aparna Potdar  

Dear S'ir Tailor,
I wish to thank you for enabling my son Andrew to reach this far in his education.  You taught him confidence and self belief when he came to you for 11plus coaching, in 2004.  This was particularly necessary for his future exams at Herschel Grammar school despite his difficulties with Dyslexia.  Many children and young adults have issues with nerves when doing  exams and doubt their abilities.  However, by teaching him planning with timing and other coping skills; Andrew achieved not only the Berks and Bucks 11 plus exams, but went on to get 11 G.C.S.E.'S and 3 A levels and now has gained a First Class Degree in Film Production.  I just needed to say thank you again for being such an attentive, conscientious and proficient teacher.
Now to the future , hopefully you will see some of his films.- Directed by Andrew St. Maur.
with regards Caroline St Maur

Caroline St Maur  

Please find attached S D's 11 plus results. We are absolutely delighted with her results and though we appreciate that this is only the beginning of a long and hard educational journey, you have helped her to get off to a flying start to her secondary education.
I would like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to you and your staff for the support that you have provided for the past 2 years. The structure your course provided really helped to keep S focused during the 2 years.

Mrs P D  

We just wanted to thank all the team at Sir Tailor.  Dilpreet was offered her first choice of Wycombe High yesterday (we live out of catchment). We cannot thank you enough for all the support and encouragement given to Dilpreet, even when she did not believe in herself. Your caring approach to learning is unique in our opinion.
Thanks again.

Gurpit Sohi  

My daughter, Krishna Singhai who attended the 11plus course at your Feltham centre has got into Tiffin Girls' School.  We would like to thank Mrs. Mamla for all her support and Sir Tailor for the content of the course.  It has given Krishna a great foundation.  Thank you.

Veenu Jain  

I just wanted to add that the Maths has been great ! My son achieved a level 5B in his year 5 SATs so we are very happy.
We just feel he needs to concentrate on the 11 plus now.
Thank you.

Mrs Majid.  

Hello Sir Tailor,
This to let you know Taran Sond has got offers from Tiffin (2nd choice) and QE Boys (he was on the waiting list which has cleared). We have decided to go ahead with Tiffin Boys. Once again I would like to thank you and your staff for guiding him in the right direction without putting him under too much pressure.
Please note Taran had also cleared Langley, Slough, Burnham Grammar and Hampton.


Hello Sir Tailor
Thankyou. Regardless of whether my son passes the eleven plus test can I take this opportunity to thank you and Arjun's tutor, who has been fantastic supporting Arjun over the past year. My younger son will also be joining your course next year.
Kind Regards

Mrs K.B.  

Hi Sir Tailor
Just to let you know Harman passed her exams and will be going to Southampton Medical School.
Hope all is well,

Mrs Bhullar