Privacy and Security Policy



This document outlines the Privacy And Security Policy of S’ir Tailor Master Tutor Limited and forms an integral part of our Terms and Conditions.


The purpose of this document

In order for us to provide you the services of tutoring, consultation, and information, we need to retain the personal information that you give us and record some events. We have documented below the ways in which we use the information that you give us and recordings that we make.


Information That We Hold About You

Contact details  The type of information we retain typically, but not exclusively, includes contact details such as name, address, email address, and telephone number.

Correspondence  If you subscribe your child to our services we may hold correspondence and digital notes about correspondence.  Correspondence may have taken place verbally or in writing via traditional or electronic media.

Banking details  If you make any payment to us using our merchant provider (Stripe) or directly into our bank account, we do not receive details of your bank account or card number. We do not hold or store your payment card details. If we owe you a refund we may ask you to provide us with your sort code and account number in order to allow us to make the refund.

Performance Records and Online Feedback  Performance Records and Online Feedback will be shared with you and your child for coaching and guidance; staff for training purposes; and other clients and potential clients in order to demonstrate the range, usage, and usefulness of these features.

Storage Of Personal Data And Access To It

Your data is stored on secure servers and may be stored outside of Europe. Your information may be viewed by tutors, administrators and IT support workers in their capacity of allowing S’ir Tailor Master Tutor Limited to provide its services. Access to personal information is protected by username and password. By submitting your personal data, you agree to this.


Data Retention Period

We will retain your contact and payment records for seven years from the last time that you used our tutoring or consultation services. This period allows us to access any data we might need in order to respond to any potential query from you, a court or HMRC. We reserve the right to remove performance records for a course a month after the end of that course.


Information Emails

If you have used our tutoring or consultation services we will send you emails only when we have information, advice or announcements that we think you might want to know about. IF you are no longer our client, you may email us to request that your details be removed from our mailing list at any time and we will comply with your wishes as quickly as practicable.


Video Recordings 

Zoom events involving the Director are recorded for monitoring and staff training purposes.  In attending such an event, or allowing your child to attend such an event, you consent to this.

Public displaying of recording  If the recording of an event may be made available on a public platform, such as YouTube, for example, you will notified of this at the time of registering.  By speaking during such an event, you are giving permission for your voice and on-screen or Zoom name to be included in the recording that is publicly available.  In this case, we recommend that you use a preudonym as your on-screen or Zoom name if you wish to remain unidentified.


Online lessons conducted by the Director may be recorded for marketing and staff training purposes and as a learning resource for use by other course subscribers.  Samples of lessons may be shown to staff, pupils, clients and potential clients in order to demonstrate all aspects of an online lesson including the effectiveness, appearance, procedures, content, interaction, structure and style of online lessons.  In applying for or sending your child to a lesson conducted by the Director, you consent to the uses stated here.

Video recordings are held on a hard drive that is password protected. Video recordings may be retained for up to seven years from the last time that you used our services, or worked with us. This period allows us to access any information we might need in order to respond to any potential query from you or a government authority.


Sharing Your Information

We will not share your information with any third party for the purposes of marketing.




S’ir Tailor Master Tutor Limited Privacy and Security Policy, last updated 7th May 2022