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2021/22 Sir Tailor 11+ Course 
for children in year 5 in Sep 2021  (Click to check availability)

2021/22 Sir Tailor Foundation Course  for children in year 4 in Sep 2021  (Click to check availability)

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Year 4

2021/22 Foundation Course

  • English/VR, Maths & Shapes/NVR
  • 30 sessions
  • Sep 2021 to Jul 2022
  • Course fee £1,494 to £1,980
  • Deposit as below:
Year 5

2021/22 11+ Course

  • English/VR, Maths & NVR
  • 35 scheduled sessions
  • Sep 2021 to Sep 2022
  • Course fee £2,646 to £3,570
  • Initial Payment as below: